How to Reply to Comments with Video on TikTok – 2020 Guide

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Reply to Comments with Video on TikTok is new feature for TikTokers and It is help the TikToker get more follower and realistic.

The new feature is simply to help you to reply comments through the new video and improve the video weight in the TikTok algorithm.

How to Reply to Comments with Video on TikTok is simple way and Just 4 step can get it done.

Step 1: Tap on the comment you want to reply to with video.

Step 2: Press the camera icon to the left of the comment field to start recording your response

Step 3:Once your video is recorded, you can attach the comment to your video as a sticker, so that viewers see the comment you’re referring to

Step 4: Once the video is posted, it’s published in the comments section and posted as a new video to your page.


Want to reply to a comment with a video? Now you can! Available now for all users!

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