How to Get the Bling Effect on TikTok

How to Get the Bling Effect Sparkle Effect On TikTok 2021

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How to Get the Bling Effect on TikTok

TikTok app is one magic videos world and the funny video is key.How to Get the Bling Effect Sparkle Effect On TikTok is one great queston about making high qulity video on TikTok.

What is the Bling Effect on TikTok?

There are so many visual effects that we can use to create a video on TikTok, one of these effects is the Bling effect tiktok, which can make a TikTok videos stand out by adding the glittering and shining lights on your video.

The Bling Effect on TikTok have two style,One is the “Bling”,the other is “Heat Bling” effect.

the “Bling” effect is glittering with cross light and the “Heat Bling” effect is glittering with one heat shape design.

How to Get the Bling Effect Sparkle Effect On TikTok

Where is the Bling Effect Filter On TikTok?

The Bling Effect TikTok is location in the effect selection and you can find it in the Vision district.

the Bling effect is easy way to find it and you can get it when you upload the video on TiKTok.

What does the bling effect look like on TikTok?

It look like the glitter star in the sky and it is very beauty effect for your video.

It best suit for the diamond product video or your eye shine can make video more and more shimmering 

How to Get the Bling Effect Filter On TikTok 2021?

  • Open your TikTok apps and upload one video from your phone gallery
  • Choose the right video length and click “Next”
  • Click the “Effect” button on this page
  • There are Bling effect and Heat Bling effect in the vision selection.
  • Click the “Bling” and the Bling effect TikTok add to your video.When you first time to use the Bling effect ,you need to download it first.
  • Done. You can now see the bling effect in real-time while recording a new video.

You can add multiple effects in a single video at different time intervals for a more appealing look.


How to Get the Sparkle Effect Filter On TikTok 2021?

On the TikTok,the Sparkle Effect is the same to the Bling can use the how to get the bling effect on tiktok tutorial to get the saprkle effect. and also it is the same effect.

How to Get the Bling Effect Filter On TikTok by CapCut?

the CapCut video editors is more power than the TikTok app inside video editor,and the The CapCut have more effects for videos.

  • Open the CapCut and click the “+” to create one New Project.
  • After import the video in CapCut, Choose the “Effects” button at the screen bottom.
  • You can easy find out the “Bling” effects on the effects section. and there are so many Bling effect style and it is enough for you to choose. as your know,the TikTok app just have two Bling effect style,so as We notice that the CapCut is very power video editor tool.
  • Choose one Bling effect style for you video and the effect will display under your can adjust the effect duration time and adjust the location.It is more convenient than the TikTok inside video editor.
  • After you finish the design,Click this as picture to output the video.
  • Done.We have finish the How to Get the Bling Effect Filter On TikTok by CapCut and you can just wait video be exported. and then,upload it to TikTok app.

How Many TikTok Bling Effect On CapCut?

There are 39 style Bling effects on the CapCut app and it is enough to make your video beauty and shinely.Before you want to use One kinds of the bling,you should download it before.

Also,you can also add the mutiple effect on videos and you can get more beauty effect!!!

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