How To Add Text on Tiktok Video

Tutorial for Beginners

I love to use the TikTok and love the magic apps give me the amazing enjoy. how to add the text on TikTok is topic about this blog

Also I use the TikTok for over 2 years and the basic process is simple.

But Some new guys need the basic tutorials to use TikTok quickly.

Okay,Let’s start and how to add the text on TikTok step by step with photo. I hope can you can learn it quickly

Step 1 : Open TikTok App.

Open TikTok App and then,Click the ” + ” to create new video.

Step 2: Choose the Video

Click the “Upload Button”  to choose one video from your device :Apple iPhone or Ipad or Android phone.I use the iPad because I love the big screen to use.

Step 3 :Share It

Step 3 : Choose One Video which you want to Share. Click the “Next”. Yes,I choose one girl video.

Step 4 : Get the Text Button

Step 4 : In Here,you can click the “Aa /Text” Button. and then,you can add the on Tiktok Video. this place is important about How To Add Text on Tiktok Video.

Step 5 : Design your Text

Step 5 : Adjust your text with TikTok App
As the Picture,you can change the Text style,Text Align, Text Font, Text Color as your wish.

Okay,After you click the “Done” Button on up image and  you can adjust the Text position and Text Size

  • 1.0 Text Position: Click the text and Hold,Move it as your wish place
  • 2.0 Text Size: Click the Text and Pull the Text Button with two fingers and it can enlarger it.

Step 6: Done and Post

Step 6 : Done and Post It. thank you for reading and the we can finish the How To Add Text on Tiktok Video blog


Just one image to solve it is simple tiktok tutorial.But hope it can help the beginers on TikTok. If you have any question,contact us freeand I will offer my best service. 
Either way, I’d like to hear what you have to say. So go ahead and leave a comment below right now or Share it out!Or:If you found this at all useful as I asked before go ahead and share.
Also please comment below and give your feedback on this or anything else you want to share.

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