Best TikTok Analytics Tools

Best TikTok Analytics Tools [2021]

TikTok Analytics TikTok Tools

Let’s talk about the best TikTok analytics tools today. as one TikTok user,what you just want to play around ,or you are the TikTok video should or must use the analytics tools to know your content.

Nowdays,it is the data world. Know the TikTok content data can help your get more followers,hearts and also can creat more viral video.

1.0 TIKTOK Pro

Getting started on TikTok is a snap, whether you’re looking to enjoying creative content or make your first video. At the same time, some of our more prolific creators have asked for greater insights to help them get the most out of their experience. These creators are passionate about growing their audience and eager for more complex insights to help them better connect with the community.

That’s why we’re now introducing Pro Accounts to offer avid creators greater visibility into how their videos are performing and resonating with fans. Enabling an optional Pro Account can provide additional tools to help you grow and track your performance.

What’s in a Pro Account?

To start, we’re offering dedicated creators an Analytics tool to help you gain better understanding of your performance and engagement. This tool provides an overview and insights on things like your weekly and monthly views, follower growth, and trending videos.

What's in a Pro Account?

How to set up TikTok Pro Account

  1. From your profile page, open the Privacy and Settings tab
  2. Choose “Manage My Account”
  3. Tap “Switch to Pro Account” and follow the steps from there
How to set up TikTok Pro Account

Once you activate your Pro Account, you’ll fine a new analytics button under your account options. Simply tap into that and explore!

2.0 Pentos

The Pentos is first TikTok analytics tool as I heared. it have so many function and suit for all users.

On-demands TikTok Analytics.

Discover detailed performance data for any TikTok profile, hashtag, song, and post. Pentos gives a complete overview of tiktokers performance.

Analyze any TikTok profile

Obtain valuable data for any TikTok creator. Track views, hearts, comments, engagement rates, and much more for any users on the platform.

Grow and build an audience on TikTok.

Trying to engage with new customers? Get metrics for songs, hashtags, videos on TikTok to understand what content strategy is working? Make smarter decisions!

Analytics and insights for TikTok music

Track TikTok songs’ performance to interpret their success on other streaming platforms.

Best TikTok Analytics Tools

3.0 Tikrank

TikTok Top50/Top100 Influencer Leaderboards

The top influencer leaderboards,show the most popular
TikTok influencers. There are also fan growth, video views,
regions and other metrics provided.

Outstanding Tags Analysis

The huge tag database contains almost all of tiktok’s video tags, and the aggregation algorithm makes tag analysis more professional.
Multi-dimensional data display, simple interface allows you
to see the potential information of the tags.

TikTok Influencer Multi-Dimensional Analysis

The analytics of influencer is comprehensive and professional, and the contains a large number of dimensions.Deeply
mine the information implied by the underlying data
and become your super brain in TikTok.

4.0 Tikanalytics

Tik Analytics is the best tool to analyze Tik Tok profiles and see the insights
of the best creators and the growth of your TikTok profile.
Watch History likes, views and the hashtag.
Start searching now and see the metrics that count!

Best TikTok Analytics Tools


Best TikTok Analytics Tools

Profile & Competitor Analysis

Analyze social activity and performance of your own and competitros’ Instagram or TikTok Profiles & Hashtags

Follower Demographics & Authenticity

Find out Age, Gender, and Location of Instagram and TikTok Profiles Followers, while measuring Quality & Authenticity to minimize fraud.

Campaign Reporting

Save time. Export Instagram and TikTok Profile and Hashtag reports to PDF or CSV, customized to your needs.

Historical Data & Analytics

Get historical data of posts and uncover social insights from customized date ranges

Content & Influencer Optimization

Discover engaging content and influencers with real-time analytics of top posts, captions, hashtags, and posting times.

6.0 Exolyt

Video statistics

View statistics and growth of your TikTok videos! View like percentages, total engagement and comparison against other videos.

Profile Growth and Statistics

How fast does your profile grow on TikTok? You can see what are your best videos and what hashtags work best for you.

Premium Features

We will launch our Exolyt Premium Features soon so stay tuned! It will include report exports and more detailed TikTok Analytics!

7.0 Popsters

Check popularity of different posts

Analyze what type of posts attract the audience. Sort posts by popularity, text length, engagement, date or any other attribute.

Monitor performance indicators

Look at the total data and an average efficiency of posts published at the different time with different hashtags or attachments. Check statistics of page activity and dynamics.

Compare everything you want

Analyze pages of different companies from different social media, load data about hashtags or start batch load to see all the data at once

Generate quick reports

Export data from Popsters to any file you want: XLSX, PDF, PNG, JPG, CSV or PPTX with possibility to edit data and styles

8.0 Cloutmeter

Growth Statistics

Track progress of any TikTok Account with day by day analytics of Followers, Following, Uploads, Engagement Rate and much more.

Past, present, future

We’re giving you access to all the day by day analytics and generate accurate and free stats of any account that we have in our database.

Monthly Email Reports

We are even sending you notifications of your tracked social media accounts progress by email.

It have free plan and you try it.

Best TikTok Analytics Tools

9.0 Brandmates

Detailed Reports

Export your reports to PDF and presentations. Export any metric’s data to Excel for custom reporting.

Track Competitors

Track competitor posts, follower growth and more to compare your brand perception against them.

Find Trends

Stay ahead of the curve by analyzing and predicting trends with Brandmates.

10.0 Conviva

Expand Your Reach Globally with Conviva
TikTok Analytics Software

Conviva’s Social Insights is the only tool that empowers brands to measure their TikTok campaigns alongside all other major social media platforms.


I think as one TikToker you need to use the analytics tools to know about your content. after you analysis your data,you can create more effetive video and get more follower.

Above all the tools are very awesome and if you ask me suggestion,I recommend the TikTok Pro

Because it is the TikTok official tool and it is free.also,the data is the best accurated about your content.

Althought,if you have some get the competitors data,you need to use the third-party tools.

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  1. Hi there,

    I really like your list and I think that our product could be a good fit for your list. We have just recently added TikTok to our specialized analytics tools. You can find it here –

    An overview of what we track:
    Profile Data: following and followers count, number of likes, and videos
    Video Data: thumbnail, link description, hashtags, video length, challenges, music attached
    Content Performance: views, likes, comments, shares, and post tags

    We specialize in social media analytics so TikTok sits within a larger ecosystem of data that clients like Adobe, Samsung, HBO, Coca-Cola, etc find very useful 🙂

    Let me know if you would like to feature us on your list.

    Thank you

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