Best LED Tiktok Lights Super Guide

Best LED Tiktok Lights Super Guide (2020)

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Best LED Tiktok Lights Guide (2020)

The world video network have three big company.Youtube belongs to the Google compnay,Instagram belongs to Facebook. And the Newest One is the Tiktok, which come from China.

The video creator have some light design for make better Video.As you know,

YouTube has the ring light, Instagram has a golden hour, and TikTok has what is increasingly being known as “TikTok lights.”


What are the lights on TikTok called?

It just call Tiktok Lights, or you can call it Led tiktok light,Or some specification people call it Led Tiktok light for room.

What are Led tiktok lights?

A popular TikTok Light trend involves the installation of multi-colored LED stripe lights for color-changing effects in the Room.So the Led Tiktok Lights is the LED S

TikTok APP have a variety of light-based effect options, But,many professsional creators have been following a trend of using multi-colored LED Tiktok lights in the backgrounds of their videos,it can make your video is unique and Shoot some surpise. It is easy way to get more followers or fans for your Tiktok account.The Fan is the money in the 21 Century. So the TIKTOK Light is one necessory tools to help you grow your followers or fans.

To simplest explain, The led tiktok lights is one long muti-colors led strip with 150 pieces light

16.4 ft led strip or 300 pieces light in 32.8ft led strip.

Also some LED TIKTOK LIGHTS have more funcation:

1.0 So much Color Light to Choose

As some Tiktok beginner,just make their room in the Pink or Red colors when create video. But as the professional TIKTOKER,they will choose the Changing Led TIKTOK Lights or Twinkle Style Led tiktok lights in this can change from Blue,Red,Purple to is great vision and It can help you get more attractive

2.0 Remote Control

Yes.the LED TIKTOK Light have the wireless control function, you can the colors anytime and no need to take more time when you create your video. Also the remote controller have so many shortcut key,it is very easy to get your LIGHT effect what you want.

3.0 App Control with Music

Advance Tiktok Light is more surprise function. It is can use the phone app to control the right change,the light effect,Also it can change the effect by the is amazing.

It is easy way set up. Just connect Bluetooth, no setting or network management required. Easily turn on/off, adjust color and brightness. You can set to your favorite colors and different blinking/chasing/fading effects. By using 1 App you can set groups ,control many mesh light strips at the same time. Adopts built-in high sensitivity mic, the light strip can respond to sound like music and even your voice which makes the light “dance” to the beat. If you are looking for LED lights for mood lighting to party and events, this is the best choice!


a variety of colors and brightness can be changed simultaneously with frequency changes. Perfect ambient light gives you an amazing visual experience. Great to decorate your dining room, bed room, upstairs, kitchen, TV, gaming and living rooms.

Many people on TikTok have bought LED Strip lights. These are sometimes referred to as TikTok lights. I have my own set of them, and I think they’re really cool.

How do LED TikTok Lights work?

LED TikTok Lights are one of the most versatile types of lighting available and this is not just because they are flexible. They can also be cut to custom lengths, which means they can be potentially made to meet the requirements of any installation, no matter how big, or how small.

  • Measure your room longth which you want to install the LED TikTok Lights
  • Order One Hight quality Tiktok Lights
  • Install It in your Video studio
  • Plug in the Power and Choose model to change Light
  • Create the Video for your TIKTOK account.

How do I install TikTok LED lights?

  • Measure the TikTok Video Create Room where you plan on hanging the LEDs

Take a rough estimate of how much LED lighting you’re going to need. If you’re going to install LED lighting in different locations, measure each spot so you are able to cut the lighting to size later. 

  • Check the LEDs to see what kind of voltage they require

Most LED strips are configured to operate at 12V or 24V DC. When running off of a standard mains supply power source (e.g. household wall outlet) at 120/240V AC, the power needs to be converted to the appropriate low voltage DC signal. This is most frequently and simply accomplished using a DC power supply.

  • Connecting LED Strips and Power Supplies

 Your power supply will have a long cable with a plug at one end. LED strips also have a similar adapter at one end

  • Put Adhesive LEDs On Wall

Dampen a clean cloth in warm water, then scrub the surface to remove debris. Any grime left behind could prevent the LEDs from sticking, so thoroughly clean the surface until it’s free of dirt and scuff marks. Remove any moisture left over with a clean, dry cloth or give the surface 30 minutes to air dry

How do you connect two LED strips together?

Very simple, please see below picture and you get it work.

Important things:

Make sure your Powers

Power = LED power (per ft) x LED strip length (in ft)

Also ,there need to know how many watts with your driver?

Because driver power decided how length strip light you can connect, if more than driver power, will happen some meters lighting be dark.

Same Type Led TikTok Lights

What type of strips and How many led is important.I suggest that you can order same brand and some type led strip.

How much are TikTok LED lights?

It is very large question. The TikTok Led Lights price depend on the Led strip length,quality,power supper,brand,and more function. Different type TikTok LED lights have price.

We check out the amazon and walmart, the TikTOK Led Lights price from 45-200+ usd.

We suggest you can follow the Tiktok creator needs to choose one right TikTok lights.

How long do LED TIKTOK Lights last?

50,000 hours

LED TIKTOK Lights boast a general life expectancy of 50,000 hours. This equates to around six years of continuous use. Over time, LEDs slowly and gradually lose their light output and 50,000 is the number of hours it generally takes for LED lights to diminish to 70% of their original light output.

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